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New years Resolutions and Chiropractic

1/10/2012 11:19:00 AM

This month the topic I have chosen is sticking to your new years resolutions and chiropractic.

 What were your new years resolutions??? have you stuck to them???

 most peoples new years resolutions involve 

* giving up smoking

* exercise more

* eat healthier

BUT whoever says lets make sure we see our chiropractor more frequently and in turn be healthier??? Below I have included two studies which prove that maintenance chiropractic care can reduce the risk of re injury. These two research studies were generated by the medical profession last year, and add evidence in support of the value of chiropractic maintenance care.  

The first study published in January 2011 in Spine concluded that “Spinal manipulative care is effective for the treatment of chronic non specific lower back pain, to obtain long-term benefit. This study suggests maintenance spinal manipulations after the initial intensive manipulative therapy, with great results.”  

The second study took place in April 2011, published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, provides additional support for the value of chiropractic maintenance care for post injury low back pain patients. The study followed 894 injured workers for a period of one year. During that year there were four types of therapy available to the workers: medical management, physical therapy, chiropractic, and no therapy.  Episodes of repeat disability were recorded during the year following the initial injury. Physical therapy had the highest percentage of re injured workers followed by those receiving medical management or no treatment at all. The lowest incidence of repeat injury was found among those workers who had received chiropractic maintenance care.  

The results of published surveys given to chiropractors have documented the profession’s belief in the value of maintenance care.  Furthermore, during the last decade there have been a dozen peer reviewed papers on the subject. 

 So do yourselves and your spine and HUGE favor and get down to your chiropractic clinic and book and appointment with Dr. Whelan to discuss and get the ball rolling on your most important new years resolution to date, before its to late!!!!