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Happy Birthday Chiropractic

9/19/2019 1:06:00 PM

18th September 1985 saw the birth of the Chiropractic profession as the world knows it today. Daniel David Palmer, a magnetic healer, performed the first spinal manipulation on a patient!!! 

That patient was a janitor who worked in Palmer's building, Harvey Lillard. Lillard was partially totally deaf and had previously mentioned to Daniel he started having hearing problems many years before when he was bending over and felt a "click" in his upper back.


DD was quite knowledgeable in anatomy and very interested in how the spine interacts with the rest of the body's systems due to his work as a magnetic healer. He examined Lillard's spine and found what he suspected to be a problematic area in his spine. Palmer manipulated Lillard's vertebra and Harvey reported an improvement in his hearing (many theories have been postulated as to how this occurred, and our Chiropractors are happy to go over these with you if you are interested) Today this procedure is known as a chiropractic adjustment.


Palmer soon discovered that joint fixations and restrictions within the spine could be a cause of pain and discomfort which was relieved by these Chiropractic adjustments.


So today we would like to wish this amazing profession a very happy 124th birthday, and we raise our glasses to many more.....