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9/12/2014 10:55:00 AM

Are you currently pregnant or thinking about having a baby soon? If you answered yes to either question, hopefully you are also seeing a chiropractor. A woman's body goes through countless changes while pregnant, not only hormonally, but also posturally and bio-mechanically. Low back pain is almost imminent during pregnancy; chiropractic care offers a non-invasive, safe form of care to help alleviate pain and make having a baby easier.

What changes occur?

When pregnant, your body goes through changes to prepare to carry and nourish your baby. Your centre of gravity shifts forward as the baby grows, the pelvis tilts anteriorly (forward) causing the muscles in the lower back to become shortened and tightened, while the hamstrings and gluteal muscles become stretched and therefore weakened. The curves in the cervical and lumbar regions are increased, therefore placing extra stress on these regions.

The round ligaments attach to the uterus and are stretched and placed under tremendous stress while pregnant, this can be the cause of a significant amount of pain while pregnant, both in the abdomen and lower back. The psoas, tensor fascia lata, quadratus lumborum, and piriformis muscles are also placed under new loads when pregnant, causing pain, tightness and imbalances.

Hormonal changes throughout pregnancy cause ligaments to become lax, and therefore causing the joints to become less stable, especially the sacroiliac and pubic symphysis joints. 

So how do we get safe, pain relief?

Diversified chiropractic adjustments are safe for mom and baby throughout the duration of the pregnancy. Special tables are used so pregnant women can lie face down while being treated, as the baby continues to grow the Chiropractor will adapt the treatment in order for you to still get the treatment you need without being place on the stomach. Chiropractic adjustments help put motion into joints that are not moving as they should be. Wedge-shaped blocks may be used in conjunction with spinal manipulative therapy to help the pelvis return to a normal position and ease pain.

Chiropractic care offers a variety of safe forms for pain relief without the use of invasive procedures or prescription drugs. Chiropractic appointments should be scheduled at the same intervals as OB/GYN appointments, or more frequently if necessary.

Have a more pleasant pregnancy, the natural way

Women who receive regular chiropractic care report easier and faster deliveries. No one likes to be in pain; pain can also cause a great deal of anxiety and stress, neither of which are good for mom or baby. Getting adjusted regularly while pregnant can help ease or eliminate pain and make the process of having a baby much easier.

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